Originally founded in 1997, Northeast Data Inc. has grown to be one of the most respected and reliable IT and telecommunication companies.

Our Building

After decades of providing clients with quality networking, telecommunication, and security system services, our company has been recognized by both our clients and partners as the expert solution you can trust to meet all of your IT needs.

After graduating from Penn State University, company founder, Michael S. Markovitz, established Northeast Data, utilizing his many years of experience working with telecommunication companies as the foundation of what would become your leading networking solutions provider.

Northeast Data is presently headquartered in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania, strategically located only a few hours from both New York City and Philadelphia. Logistically, this allows us to dispatch our teams across the United States and Canada in a timely manner. Northeast Data can be where you need us most.

Both Michael and the entire Northeast Data team work diligently to evolve with the most advanced technology improvements in the networking and telecommunication industry in order to ensure you are consistently receiving only the best service and solutions currently available.