Enterprise Telephony & Collaboration

Increase your company’s productivity and efficiency with faster, more effective Telephony & Collaboration solutions created by the experts at Northeast Data. Our powerful communication solutions allow you to collaborate in real time in an affordable and reliable way, utilizing cutting edge technologies to keep you connected.

Invest in a unified strategy to improve customer service by decreasing response time with modern contact center applications that simplify administration. Work from anywhere in the world with our Virtual Office Telephony solutions, offering full-scale collaboration for 25-1000 users from a single platform.

Our Portfolio of Telephony and Collaboration Services Include:


Design / Engineering / Installation / Upgrades / Configuration / Support of:


    • Analog / Digital – Traditional Phone Systems – (New and Existing)
    • VOIP / IP – Phone Systems
    • Video Collaboration Systems
    • Tele Presence Systems
    • Conferencing Solutions


    Service Offerings

    We enable faster, more effective, unified ways to run your business, including integration of new and existing applications with Unified Communications and Contact Center applications.


    • Lower your costs with powerful communications.
    • Increase your productivity.
    • Future-proof your business with value that is tailored to your budget and needs.
    • Improve your customer service with a solution to help you be more responsive and effortless.
    • Add simplified administration.
    • Work virtually anywhere!

    Trust Northeast Data

    With our leading Telephony & Collaboration systems, your employees, customers, and business partners can communicate effectively and efficiently with an easy-to-use interface that offers a consistent user experience. Trust Northeast Data to simplify your communications by providing you with a powerful, custom Telephony & Collaboration system.