In order for Northeast Data to tailor our advanced networking solutions to meet your
needs, we begin with an in depth consultation to determine your goals and establish a
path of progress to meet them in a timely and efficient manner. We utilize the
information acquired during your consultation to create a comprehensive plan for your
network integration.

cad design

Every network designed by Northeast Data is created with exceptional detail to give you an accurate depiction of your custom solution. This includes a full set of drawings that outline the network with cabling to individual work stations. With multiple design options available, we are able to provide you with a variety of cost/benefit scenarios based on your allotted budget and system needs.



After your design is finalized, our team of highly trained technicians will make your
network a reality. Whether you require a new or retrofit infrastructure, Northeast Data’s
highly qualified technicians will implement a custom solution you can trust.

4network / it support

Northeast Data will maintain your key, complex IT functions to ensure your facility operations are running smoothly. Reduce your risk of downtime and losing critical data by allowing Northeast Data to proactively monitor and support your custom network solution. Our qualified IT professionals receive continuous technical training and perform ongoing monitoring to fully support your network.

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