Small Business – Network Engineering / Design / AutoCad Drafting Timeshare

Let Northeast Data’s expert team of Design / Engineering / AutoCad Professionals take care of all of your Network Design / Engineering / Documentation needs!

Whether a new Engineering / Design effort is needed to bring your network up to current cabling and technology, or you just need to fully document your existing network layout, our expert team can meet any need you may have.

Our Portfolio of Network Engineering / Design / AutoCAD Drafting Services Include:

Prior to the initiation of infrastructure installation, it is important to develop a network plan and design.  The network planning and design process entails a complex process that helps to determine the most relevant way in which to proceed with network integration.   Our staff at Northeast Data has many years of experience designing and creating data and voice cabling infrastructure systems.

Northeast Data has an experienced team of professionals, who will begin developing a topological design (blueprint) that helps to establish where our team will place the components, as well as the best way in which to connect them.  The size of components will be determined based on important performance criteria such as “Grade of Service” (GoS).  Northeast Data also performs a network realization process to help determine how the network will meet capacity requirements, in order to ensure reliability within the network.  This part of the planning and design phase helps our team calculate the physical circuit plan.  All designs are clear and concise to help the client understand their network and, if necessary, troubleshoot.

Every network designed by Northeast Data, is created with exceptional detail in order to help the client gain an accurate perspective of the work that our professionals perform.  A full set of drawings that outline the network, that includes cabling to individual work stations, will be provided to the client.

Northeast Data can make available multiple design options, in order to provide our client with various cost / benefit scenarios, which will be based on the client’s allotted budget and system needs.  Our staff has extensive knowledge of network topologies including 5E/6/7 Twisted Pair, Fiber Optic Backbones, Raceway Systems, and Wire-free solutions which will help to fulfill any networking needs, indoor or outdoor.

Don’t have a clue where things are located on your existing network or how they are all connected together? Northeast Data can survey / audit your existing network from top to bottom and provide you with a complete set of As-Built Network Drawings documenting its entire layout to make future support and updates very simple to manage and track.

Northeast Data can also provide regular Drafting Services for Move / Add / Change updates to your network prints.  All documents are completed in an expert drafting manner and use the latest CAD systems.