Ace Robbins required a solution to effectively monitor their property for security of on-site gas tanks and inside their garages due to previous vandalism. They had also experienced theft of gas at the pumps and materials stored in the garages. Ace Robbins needed the ability to see in the low light to no light conditions of the garage and the back of their property. They also required a monitoring system that would allow them to scan the area across from their property suspected of unwanted nighttime activities. The solution provided should record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and retrieve video to play back from any PC on their network.


The first step was to replace the antiquated cameras with higher pixel General Electric fixed cameras that would provide a clearer picture and recordings back to the new GE DVR. To take care of low light to no light conditions, all the cameras had infrared night vision capabilities with automatic light sensing. This enabled the customer to go from day to night vision without the customer having to manually adjust the cameras daily. A high pixel GE PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) camera was installed to be able to zoom in to far away locations across the street to known trouble areas. This camera can be programmed with a “tour” setting to constantly scan their property and have the ability to use an installed joystick / keypad to manually override the pre-programmed tour to look at a desired location.

The addition of the new GE DVR was an essential part of the solution. It was loaded with a large hard drive to be able to handle their recording requirements from all cameras. GE NAV software was installed on all PC’s so that all users from all PC’s can look at live monitoring at the facility. All users can easily pull out past recorded video for viewing if necessary.

A large flat screen monitor wall mounted in the main cubicle area with all camera views help users monitor the facility without having camera views on their PC monitor.


There have been many instances where the cameras have come to the aid of the customer. They pulled up videos of instances that happened on their property and have been able to better watch over their gas tanks and garage for potential problems. At any time they can move the PTZ camera and get a better look at a location, zoom in with excellent clarity while everything is being recorded.